What do You Think is More Wrong?

I have a question for people about transgenderism. I’m just looking for a general consensus. If you vote, I’d really appreciate if you’d leave a comment explaining why you voted one way or the other.

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Don’t forget! It’d be awesome if you left a comment about why you voted the way you did!

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5 responses to “What do You Think is More Wrong?”

  1. I feel like neither is wrong. If that’s who you want to be than it’s your right. Sure others will have their thoughts about it, but it’s not their life, or body Everyone has the right to be happy and if you aren’t happy as you are then by all means do what makes you happy. You’re the one that has to live with yourself so why not live how you want to?

  2. If you think transitioning is wrong, for whatever reason, there should never be a MTF is acceptable, but FTM is not mentality…or vice verse. Regardless, it is for no one to decide how the other should live in their own body. Nothing that the person will do in transitioning will physically harm another.

  3. First, I think it is important that every person (and animal and plant) be treated with respect. No matter how much I learn about transgenderism, it is impossible for me to tell how this applies to each individual, who chooses to engage in treatment. The individual’s decision should not be a factor in a business situation, in lending credibility to the person’ opinion, or in treating him or her respectfully. That said, I do not like the idea of manipulating the body. No body is wrong or shameful, and in my experience, even small or safe surgical manipulations can have more consequences than one had expected. In addition, it is not past my capability to imagine somebody convincing doctors/psychologists that they are sane enough for surgery, when really they are not. (Not all psychologists can see through every statement.) To me it is not a matter of doing what you want with your own body, because that can lead to things such as … yeek … extreme body modification. Rather, it is a question of “can I judge an entire category of people, based on my necessarily limited knowledge of each individual; or even to put people into categories at all?”

  4. Tom – Thanks for the comment.

    What about science, which is proving that there is a chemical reaction in the brain while transgendered individuals are in vitro that makes MTF (male to females) and FTM (female to male) individuals have brains identical to the sex they take the steps to become?

    If a biological man has an identical brain structure to a female brain and as such, perceives himself as a female, shouldn’t he be able to become the person he sees himself as?

    There is no way to restructure a brain based on gender. There is no medicine that will make someone with a female brain male or vice versa. For many, transition is the only logical option.

    Food for thought.

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