Day 1 – Making My Elevator Pitch…

I’m taking part in Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. It’s day one of the blog challenge and the first assignment is called ‘Writing an Elevator Pitch’. If you are interested in finding out about what Darren is doing with this project and what the first assignment is you can check out the Day 1 Assignment Page Here.

I know that I’ve somewhat neglected this blog, mostly due to illness, but I’m ready to get back in the game. I had to think a little bit about what my goal is with Dominick Evans Online. I’ve been quite random in my postings on here, in the past. First, I wanted to make it clear that I’m not out to inspire people. I hate when people say that about those of us in disabilities. Just by living my every day life I supposedly inspire others. I don’t get why. Sure, I have to do things differently to get up and perform daily tasks, but that’s normalcy for me and I don’t think my getting out of bed, when everyone else in the world does it, should inspire anyone. If I solved the World Hunger crisis, then you could definitely be inspired by me, but c’mon! I don’t do anything necessarily spectacular!

Second, I didn’t want to make my elevator pitch too preachy. I don’t like being preached at, so I didn’t want to preach at anyone else. This is really a place for sharing my thoughts, my passion, and my zest for life and all its intricacies. So, I sat down (haha) and proceeded to write a short tagline pitch and then an expanded version. Here is what I came up with:

The Dominick Evans Online Tagline

Explore the Life and Thoughts of a Transgender Man in a Wheelchair at Dominick Evans Online

The Dominick Evans Elevator Pitch

Dominick Evans Online is my personal blog, which I use to express my thoughts, share my passions and enlighten those who have no comprehension of what it’s like to be a transgender person and in a wheelchair. A bit random from time to time, the primary focus of this blog is to show the world that just because I face different challenges life throws at me doesn’t mean I don’t still think, feel and act like anyone else. Using humor, political thought and zeal I attempt to take readers through a day in the life of Dominick Evans.

So, what do you think about my tagline and my elevator pitch. Does it accurately describe the kind of things I’ve posted on here at Dominick Evans Online? I hope it has!

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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3 responses to “Day 1 – Making My Elevator Pitch…”

  1. Wow – you’ve nailed the elevator pitch very nicely. I’m a first time visitor to your site and found your blog through the comments section on the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I’m participating too and having a very tough time coming up with an elevator pitch for my personal blog as it tends to be random postings, but with an emphasis on writing and reading. Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to say that for a personal blog, I think you’ve done an outstanding job with your pitch. Good luck.

  2. Thank you very much Sheryl and thanks for visiting! I did have to think a lot about how I was going to write my pitch. It really is hard with a personal blog, to determine why you are writing, because it can be so random! I don’t always stay on task and I think that’s okay due to the nature of the blog!

  3. Dom, (may I call you “Dom”?)
    I like you more every time I visit your site. Thanks, by the way, for visiting me back. You are the only blogger so far out of the 20 or so I visited from the comments section of the “31 Days” deal. Perhaps we should celebrate by a little linkylove? You definitely belong on my “Mysterious and Eclectic Blogroll”!!
    I love your elevator pitch. Please let me know what you think of mine:
    “Do you have 2.3 children, a corporate job, walk in closets and a white picket fence?

    I don’t!

    Come see how the other half lives at Thorne’s World, where a pair of lesbians are eking out a sustainable lifestyle on 40 acres of desert scrub.

    We rescue parrots, assorted critters, and save garbage from the landfills. We precycle, recycle and upcycle; creating art from junk and treasure from trash.

    Follow along on the journey of a witch and a butch in love, building a roadside attraction and spiritual retreat off the grid!”


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