Hypocrisy at the Westboro Baptist Church

It is bad enough the Westboro Baptist Church is spewing their hate-filled rhetoric around the internet and at military (or other high-profile) funerals. However, what is worse is the lot is a whole bunch of hypocrites. When they bemoan how disgusting homosexuality is, they are ignoring the fact that one of their most prominent members committed a high “sin” by having sex out of wedlock.

When Keith Allen interviewed Shirley Phelps-Roper, she talked about how you can have sex any way you want with the one person you choose to marry and live your life with, within that holy, sacred marriage. In the meantime, Roper was ignoring the fact that she had sex outside that sanctimonious marriage she so boldly claims all people must have. Apparently, the standards the WBC sets are ONLY for those not within the WBC. It’s apparently okay for Shirley to have had sex out of wedlock, but not for anyone else to commit any other sins nor have sex out of wedlock as she did.

Roper believes she has repented for said sin and therefore, the slate has been erased clean, and therefore her sex out of wedlock should not be discussed as it no longer matters.

I just want to point out a few things:

1. I do not care about people having sex out of wedlock…I cannot get married therefore, I am guilty of such

2. I do not believe in sin, as I am not a Christian

What I do care about is others holding themselves to the same standards, and the WBC makes exceptions for their own. With that in mind, I have a message for Shirley and the rest of the WBC community:

God Hates Hypocrites Sign

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9 responses to “Hypocrisy at the Westboro Baptist Church”

  1. Dominick: not just that…they harshly condemn U.S. soldiers for working for the U.S. gov’t, yet several of their own members (such as Margie Phelps and Fred Phelps Jr., though not Shirley) work for the Kansas Dept. of Corrections (which is a gov’t job), and collect taxpayer-funded salaries.

  2. Judge not lest ye be judged. Look, I don’t agree with the Phelps, but I do know that god *loves* all of his creation. God doesn’t hate anybody. If you read the bible at all, you would know that.

    • Laura – You truly do not understand what I have written at all. I honestly do not care if a woman has sex out of wedlock. That is her business. What I do care about is when a person claims to hold others to a moral standard when she/he themselves has broken said moral standard. That is hypocrisy. I am saying she should not be judging others especially when she cannot live up to the moral code she sets for others. She herself broke that moral code that according to her others must follow. I am not judging Shirley for having sex out of wedlock. I am merely pointing out the fact that she is a hypocrite. According to her, The Bible says having sex out of wedlock is a sin and being gay is a sin. Both are sins according to her and according to her Bible. You cannot eradicate that sin just because you said it is ok for you to do so.

      I have read the Bible many times. I also do not believe in sin. What I do believe is in practicing what you preach.

  3. The fact that Roper-Phelps said she asked forgiveness for her "fornication" and has been forgiven, and it is a closed case, is the one thing she has said that is in line with Christian teaching. Pointing out her child out of wedlock with a snicker is akin to what WBC does. Not admonishing you, just gently reminding you that to do what they do brings you down to their level. Thanks.

  4. John Tustin, Shirley's illegitimate son is an issue from the past. But how do you explain Shirley and Margie photoshopping WBC into Whitney Houston's funeral, and the Aurora Colorado funeral? How do you explain them tweeting that they were there when nobody saw them, and the only evidence is their own photos? They are outright lairs, repeat offenders, and they know it.

    • Jon – Like I said, I don’t give two hoots she had a kid out of wedlock. As someone unable to marry due to restrictions of people with disabilities and other factors, all my kids would be born out of wedlock. It is her holier than thou attitude. She says it is a sin for babies to be born out of wedlock and criticizes other women who have such children, but claims God forgave her and she is absolved of her ‘sin’ because she is doing his work by demoralizing ‘fags’. It’s the same way I feel about Bristol Palin judging girls who have pre-marital sex and claiming abstinence is the only way. It is hypocrisy at its best!!!

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