Friday, May 24, 2019

Family Life

Family Life

In a Funk and Can’t Get Out

My birth family hates me. They hate me enough to make sure I'm on a list to be denied information about my grandfather and to be denied information on his whereabouts. They hate me enough to keep me from my Hospice room. They hate me so much they are willing to go against a dying man's wishes of peace in his family and the right to see a grandchild he loves.
My Life

How Labels Hurt Us

Perhaps we can all find peace, love and understanding in this life and stop worrying about what others are doing in their lives. Labels hinder us from truly finding peace with one another.
My Life

Let It Go…

The time is now to let it go. Live and let live. Live life to the fullest and only then will you achieve all of your greatest goals.
Disability RightsMy Life

My friend, Brian Helsel, Rest in Peace…

I am terribly saddened by the death of my friend, Brian Helsel. Brian had just turned 30 last month. He had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His loss makes me very sad, especially since he is one of my last friends with Duchenne. There is a group of males in my life, who I have lost to this disease.
Disability RightsParenting

Why I Admire Erin Kotecki Vest

Let me tell you a little bit about Erin Kotecki Vest. She has two great kids and is a fighter. She is a fighter for her kids. She is a fighter for the rights of others. She is a fighter for herself and her husband. Find out why this makes me admire her.
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