Wednesday, December 19, 2018


an image with the poster for Don't Breathe where the actress has hands over her mouth, and the word's of the title are to her left side. Above that it says, from the creators of the #EvilDead.There are also social media buttons ,along along the lower middle of the picture .
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Don’t Breathe, Ableism, and Non-Disabled Indifference

The disability community has a very difficult journey towards attaining equality in many aspects, one of which is finding authentic portrayals. A major way to work towards better, more authentic representations of characters with disabilities is to cast actual actors with disabilities. I have unfortunately realized that most people have...
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To the People Shaming Fat People…

When I was a little kid, I was always the smallest person in my class. I was very short, and having scoliosis made me even shorter. I also was very tiny. All of that changed between fourth and fifth grade. I have a progressive muscle disease that is called Spinal...
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